Unconfirmed rumors from Windows Phone Central claim that Microsoft will be lowering the prices on its touch keypad covers beginning August 30, 2013. If correct, we will see the price of a standalone tablet cover lowered by $40 and the price of a tablet bundled with the black touch cover lowered by $50.

Rumored Touch Keypad Price Cuts

Microsoft has not confirmed these rumors at the time of this writing. Windows Phone Central first reported last week that it had heard Redmond will cut the price of its colorful touch keypad covers from $119.99 to $79.99 on August 30.

New Prices for Bundled Surface RT

This week, the same source is claiming that Surface RT tablets bundled with black touch keypad covers will also experience an additional $50 price reduction, i.e. on top of last month’s $150 price cut. If these rumors are true, we will see the following prices beginning Friday:

  • 32G Surface RT with black touch cover…..$399
  • 64G Surface RT with black touch cover…..$499

Surface Pro Pricing Due to Expire

Meanwhile, Surface with Windows 8 Pro is currently selling with a $100 markdown due to expire on August 29, 2013. It is not clear whether Redmond intends to discontinue the price reduction, which would raise the price for Surface Pro, or whether there will be an even greater price reduction at that time.

All signs indicate that Microsoft is clearing its inventory in advance of introducing its next line of Surface tablets.