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Since Microsoft introduced its vision of a tablet PC last month, interested consumers have speculated about whether next month’s launch of the Surface for Windows RT will live up to all the promises. One thing is certain, early Microsoft Surface adopters will have their choice of several keyboard options.

Microsoft Surface Keyboard Colors

At the Surface debut, Microsoft displayed five keyboard colors:

* Blue,
* Red,
* Pink,
* Light gray,
* Black.

Each keyboard will double as a case for the Surface and snap into place using magnets.

Microsoft cautioned that these models were design prototypes and not necessarily the devices that will ship in August. Still, it seems likely you can expect to see these keyboard colors in Microsoft stores this fall.

Customizing Your Metro View

When choosing a color, consider that attaching the keyboard customizes the Metro start menu on a Surface tablet. The device reads which color keyboard is connected and will change the background color to match.

If you attach a blue keyboard, the background of the Metro start screen turns blue. If you switch the blue out with a light gray keyboard, the background switches to gray.

Microsoft Surface Keyboard: Touch or Type?

Another option Microsoft will offer with the Surface keyboard will allow the consumer to choose either a touch or a type keyboard.

Microsoft claims that the Surface touch keyboard offers a satisfactory typing experience for those who have been unhappy with trying to use touch screens to type and create content.

If it lives up to the promises, this keyboard will sense the pressure of keystrokes and not accidentally type when you are merely positioning your hands on the keys. In addition, each keystroke will produce a clicking sound to better simulate a familiar keyboard experience for the user.

However, those who prefer to press actual keys can opt for the Microsoft Surface type keyboard, which will have moveable keys and a full touchpad. These keys add to the thickness of the keyboard, increasing it from 3mm to 5mm. Early reports have not made clear whether Surface’s type keyboard will have all the color variety of the touch keyboard.

What about you?

Do you plan to purchase a Microsoft Surface this year? Do you have a color or touch/type preference?

Please comment below and let us know what you think of the Microsoft Surface keyboard colors and options promised for the August debut.

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