A Microsoft Surface tablet comes preloaded with quality Windows 8 Pro or Windows RT software that consumes a significant portion of the storage on the device. Fortunately, Microsoft included microSDXC slots on these slates to allow for extending the storage.

Extend Storage with MicroSDHC Card

A 32GB MicroSDHC Class 10 Flash Card from Transcend is a premium memory card for storing photos, audio and video files. Transcend offers a lifetime guarantee on its memory cards and will forward a free advance replacement if needed. The MicroSDHC Class 10 features:

  • SD 3.0 standard
  • Speeds of up to 17MB per second
  • Smooth HD video recording

Don’t Get Caught Short

According to Microsoft, Surface with Windows RT 32GB Surface RT only has about 15GB of storage, while Surface RT 64GB has about 45GB. Surface with Windows 8 Pro 64GB has about 30GB of storage, and Surface Pro 128GB has 89GB.

Clearly, most Surface tablet users will want at least one MicroSDHC Class 10 flash card to upgrade the storage capacity of their slates and to facilitate sharing files between devices. If you plan to store a lot of photo or video files, you may want to pick up several.

32GB Microsoft Surface Memory Upgrade MicroSDHC Flash Card Class 10