Nuance Communications Inc. has released Dragon Notes for Windows 8 and Windows 7, the latest app in its family of Dragon voice-recognition software. Though designed to take advantage of the touch interface on Windows 8 PCs, this app is not compatible with Windows RT tablets.

Dragon Notes

According to Nuance, the Dragon Notes software “takes full advantage of the Windows 8 touchscreen and tile interface” making it an excellent fit with Windows 8 tablets like the Surface with Windows 8 Pro. We love the idea of speaking your notes and pinning down fleeting ideas no matter where you are. If you want to share a note on a social network or in email, you can do so with a simple voice command. Priced at $19.99 and with French and Latin American Spanish language add-on packs available for $9.99, Dragon Notes seems like a productivity tool many Windows 8 Pro tablet users will want to have on hand.

Where’s the Windows RT?

We have to wonder though, why no Windows RT? Designing an app specifically for tablets running the interface formerly know as Metro but incompatible with RT tablets baffles us. However, this points to the challenge Microsoft faces right now: Maintaining two separate but similar tablet operating systems that are not as compatible as they appear to be is confusing a market already unsure whether it needs Windows tablets at all. Even Microsoft developers have failed to complete an Outlook mail app compatible with Windows RT thus far.

Will Windows 8.1 End Windows RT?

Despite Redmond’s insistence that the company remains committed to Windows RT, the market may soon force Microsoft to choose one tablet OS going forward. With Windows 8.1 tablets promising to bring the price of a full-blown tablet PC below that of the Surface with Windows RT, and critical business software remaining available only to Windows 8 devices, any market for an ARM-based Windows OS may evaporate. Which may be a good thing. We expect that Windows tablet offerings will get even better when Microsoft has only one tablet OS on which to focus.