Microsoft has responded to yet another consumer complaint by promising a 4G LTE Surface 2 tablet will launch with carriers AT&T and Vodafone next year. Although the official party line remains that most tablets users do not want cellular capability, Microsoft has bowed to pressure to offer this option to Surface 2 tablet buyers.

Surface 2 4G LTE in 2014

Microsoft Corporate VP Panos Panay recently revealed that his company is at work on a Surface 2 with 4G LTE capability for release next year. Microsoft maintains that its telemetry data indicate that cellular usage is not as widespread or desired as the press complaints make it sound.

No 4G LTE Planned for Surface Pro 2

In fact, Redmond still has no intention of bringing cellular to its Surface Pro 2 tablets. As many have pointed out, most ultrabooks do not have 4G LTE, and smartphones are easily turned into Wi-Fi hotspots to support tablets and laptops.

Feeling the Lack?

Still, Microsoft must be feeling the pressure to address any perceived lack in its products. The fact that some iPad and Android slates have a 4G LTE option and Surface tablets do not may make some consumers think less of the Microsoft slates, even when they have no need or desire for a cellular-capable device. Besides, offering a cellular option via a national carrier will give Surface 2 tablets even more retail exposure.

What Do You Think?

Are you among those who have been waiting for a cellular Surface tablet? Or is 4G LTE a bit of overcompensation you do not need?