Nemo’s Reef Game Available on Windows 8.1

While you or the children in your life wait for Nemo 2 to come out in theaters, Disney has released a game for Windows 8.1 based on everyone’s favorite clownfish.

The Windows Store Now Has More Than 140,000 Apps

Chances are, there is an app for that… and this… and everything else in between.

Microsoft Pulls Latest Firmware Update for Surface Pro 2; Will Release Alternative Soon

Microsoft has discontinued the latest Surface Pro 2 firmware update that was released on December 10th through Windows Update.  Those who installed the update reported problems with battery life such as faster than usual battery drainage, refusal to completely charge, and no indication of charging progress.  There

Discovery News App Available for Windows 8.1

“Are you curious about the world?  Do you want to be smarter?”  If you answered yes to both questions, then the newly released Discovery News app for Windows 8.1 might just be your cup of tea.

Latest Microsoft Surface Mini Rumors

Will Microsoft ever release a Surface Mini?  We hope so.  Rumors swirled up this week about the smaller version of Microsoft’s tablet.  Previously rumored to come with a 7-inch display, respected Chinese website, WP Dang, suggests through its sources that it will instead come with an 8-inch

2013’s Best Apps for the Microsoft Surface 2

In recent months, the Microsoft Surface 2 seems to be gaining more traction with mobile consumers, as the company fuels the device with new and exciting applications. Gotta Be Mobile recently noted that Microsoft has made the Office 2013 Home and Student Edition free for Surface 2

Tablets Can Transform Small Businesses

The rapid adoption of tablets has given rise to new opportunities for small businesses to improve their practices and professionalism. An Australian business is leading the way for tradespeople to leverage the power of mobile computing to bring their businesses fully into the 21st century.

Tablet Share of Video Streaming Continues to Grow

A new study shows that the mobile share of video streaming has increased 133 percent year over year. Video content producers are urged to facilitate this shift to mobile devices or risk losing viewers as the market matures.

Microsoft’s Satya Nadella Urges Us to Look Forward

In a recent address at the LeWeb conference in Paris, Microsoft Executive Vice President of Cloud and Enterprise Satya Nardella emphasized the importance of looking forward rather than focusing on the past. Nardella has good reason to be forward thinking, he is currently rumored to be on

Microsoft Hits a High Note with Xbox One

Microsoft claims to have sold two million Xbox One gaming consoles in just eighteen days since the launch. This success should help folks in Redmond finish the year on high note despite the mixed reviews for Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and the signature tablets designed to promote